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"I have several of my teammates working this program, and in the last 15 days we've seen over 20 NEW sign-ups from this program alone. I will continue to promote and make this program available to my team as a viable way to build the business."
- Myrna

I have signed up two people in the last week, and I have one more that said she will sign up soon and two others that keep in touch because they are interested. This is only my second batch of leads. Tremendous!!! You guys really know what you're doing. A system that really works!
- Kathy Simon

Thanks so much for your constant on going support you have provided me. I just signed up my first recruit from the local lead program. She ended up arriving at the business briefing with a friend and both got started that night. Thanks once again.
- Joshua Gonzalez

"We have had about 75% of our 250 leads come with accurate numbers. We were able to contact 50% of those 250 (about 125). We sent those interested in hearing more to our website for a presentation - 43 people! Yes, from those 43, we signed up 3 as new associates."
- Gregg

I was hesitant to spend so much money on the Live Interviewed leads, but I can definitely see the difference in the quality of the leads, especially the information about the best time to call. Thank you again!
- Kay

The Live Interviewed leads produce results, prospects respond with a positive attitude; they are searching for and opportunity. We have had some success with other leads; there is no comparison to the Live Interviewed leads. The value is in the end results.
- Terry

"I have a very crazy work schedule...traveling sometimes 2-4 times a month. Your program has created a whole new ENERGY in my business! My day-timer is full of phone calls, presentations, 3 way calls... all because of your leads.”
- Hogan

I received a batch of local leads a week ago so I could focus on my local market. In just one week I've already gotten three recruits with many more prospects who are VERY interested. One of the interested prospects is a girl I went to high school with!
- Jesse Macpherson
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